Web Technology Pricing

Estimate the cost of your new website

The term 'Web Technology' covers a wide range of different and interconnected technologies. In this particular case this configurator is for customers looking to estimate the cost of replacing an existing website with a more performant and security focused version. It is also for customers looking to start a new website with security and privacy in mind.

Each website is built from the ground up with the customers specific use case in mind. Any third party code dependencies are carefully evaluated and reviewed and must have clear and tangible benefits before being included in the codebase. Each and every codebase is subjected to rigorous and automated unit testing. This ensures problems are found early and a high degree of confidence each time a new version is deployed.

Before embarking on a new project it is always a good idea to get an independent view of where your current technology stack is up to. This helps keep track of improvements, but should also help make the decision if transitioning to a RASE hosted product is worth the investment.

For a completely independent review of your current stack check out Observatory from Mozilla, the makers of the Open Source Browser Firefox.

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Standard Features


All RASE hosted HTTP endpoints are secured by the latest best practice encryption and security features. This includes free annual SSL / TLS certificate renewal, carefully configured HTTP security headers and free submission to HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload list. This is a list of sites that are hardcoded into Chrome as being HTTPS only.


User security and privacy is an absolute must. As such no third party trackers or advertisers are present on RASE products. As well as being good for privacy this also results in faster page loading times and reduced cost for users on mobile devices. Sometimes however, analytics can be useful. On these occasions a secure and privacy focussed solution can be arranged and a Privacy Policy generated to reflect their usage for complete transparency.

Responsive first design

Mobile and small screen devices account for a large proportion of web traffic. Often these devices are connecting to the internet over slow and costly data plans. In addition to adapting to these sort of screen sizes, RASE websites include technology to allow the client browser to determine which image (and importantly which image resolution) to download. This can result in significant performance gains and cost savings for the user.

Welsh language support built in

A Welsh language version of every page is included for free. Multi language support is implemented in such a manner as to make it simple to maintain multiple versions of user facing text. Additions and alterations to text content can be made without any alteration to page layout and the entire site text content can be exported in a format suitable for services such as the Welsh Language Commissioner's free proof reading service.

Configurable Features

Pages | Complete design

A page design from scratch. The purpose of the page will be isolated and a design process will be followed to find the best layout and page elements to represent this idea. Custom page elements will be created and styled to match the site wide theme.

Pages | Customer prepared content

Page elements from the site wide theme will be selected to best represent the provided text content. A layout will be created to match the site wide theme and present the material with clear and beautiful typography.

Pages | Legacy website scrape

When content in a customers existing website is to be reused, the text and image assets will be extracted. The extracted text will be subjected to a spelling check. Images will be compressed and optimised, then scaled with multiple versions created suitable for viewing on various screen sizes. Icons and other suitable images will be redrawn as SVG and subject to further optimisation.

Icon creation | Scalable Vector Graphics

Icons and other page elements based on images will be drawn as vector graphics. This enables dynamic colouring and animation to best represent the ideas being expressed on the page.

Image optimisation | Compressing and scaling

Each bitmap image to be used on the page will be subject to a process of optimisation and scaling. This has the most effect for users on mobile devices with slow connections. Each image will be scaled into a series 'image size breakpoints'. This allows the browser to select which image to download and prevents wasted time and data to download an image that is far too large for the screen which it is destined to be displayed upon.


Monthly Payment Plan
Low upfront costs, ideal for startups and small businesses

Once the deposit is paid and any assets required submitted, work will begin, in line with the agreed timescale.

£ 776.00
Monthly Subscription Year 1

This monthly subscription is for the first year and is only due after the site has been live for its first month. The date of the payment can be tailored to suit.

£ 127.00
Recurring Subscription

The design and setup costs are included in the first year monthly payment, so subsequent subscription charges are reduced.

£ 34.17
Total Payable Year 1

This is the total amount that will be paid during the first year. It includes deposit, design and monthly hosting.

£ 2299.99
Recurring Total

This is the total amount payable for subsequent years hosting and maintenance.

£ 410.00
Yearly Payment Plan
Single payment discount and no monthly outgoings

Once the deposit is paid and any assets required submitted, work will begin, in line with the agreed timescale.

£ 582.00
Yearly Subscription Year 1

Design and hosting for the first year. It is due as one payment once the site has been live for the first month.

£ 1649.27
Recurring Subscription

Subsequent years hosting and maintenance is due as one payment on the anniversary of the first years payment and each year thereafter.

£ 395.60
Total Payable Year 1

The total amount payable in the first year for design and hosting.

£ 2231.27
Recurring Total

This is the total amount payable for subsequent years hosting and maintenance.

£ 395.60

Small Print

Initial Domain Name System (DNS) administration and Domain Name purchase is included in the price, with certain restrictions. SSL certificates will be created automatically and renewed automatically for all RASE controlled domains. For customers who wish to use an existing domain name, purchase their domain name separately or maintain control for themselves, instructions and assistance will be provided. Additional years domain name renewal is not included in this estimate.

Content provided by the customer for inclusion on the website must meet set criteria for each media type. For example, images must be of a suitable size and resolution for their intended use. Any content deemed 'Not safe for work' (NSFW) will not be permitted. Content that does not meet the criteria will cause the removal of the 'Customer Prepared Content' Discount and the page will be treated as a new design.

In the unlikely event a bug is found in a RASE provided website, fixes will be implemented in a timely manner and within common fault reporting timescales. Bug fixes are free of charge. For this purpose a 'bug' is unintended behaviour. Any bug reports will be considered on a case by case basis.

Extra features, over and above those listed in the 'standard features' and 'configurable features' sections, will be implemented as extra cost items. Under normal circumstances a quotation will be provided before undertaking any work. For experimental or research and developmental costs please get in touch.

Page re-writes and alterations will be charged at the individual item rate at the time of the request.

A level of service of >99% uptime is expected for all RASE hosted products.

Full source code and version control data will be provided (a private git repository will be created for each product). For yearly subscriptions this will be at the time of purchase and monthly subscriptions will receive this at the 1 year hosting point.

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