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The Process

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is an informal meeting, usually held somewhere casual and takes a couple of hours. The main aim of the meeting is to develop a brief, discussing the scope of the project along with exactly what to expect.

Small Print

After the consultation, notes taken during the meeting will be written up and a contract drawn up. This contains terms and conditions, along with a projected total cost. This is the formal part and is tailored to suit the particular needs of the project. It details exactly what you can expect.

The Project Begins

What happens next very much depends on your project. Work will be scheduled to begin in line with your deadlines and a generous estimate of the time required to complete the work.

Software development can be difficult to provide an accurate estimate of timescales for and so to adjust for this regular progress updates can be provided.


The easiest way to get in touch and begin a discussion about your project is to send me a quick email. It doesn't need to be very long or very detailed, just a rough idea what sort of system you are considering.

Privacy and security are always a priority and as such it is recommended to use OpenPGP end-to-end encrypted email. Depending on how your email system is setup using encryption should be seamless and transparent but personal information and intellectual property is protected.

More information on OpenPGP

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